Daring, Divorced & Divine

There is nothing quite like a major life crisis, such as divorce, to turn your life upside down and to call for a complete life re-evaluation.  I know also that if there was ever a time when you can feel completely and utterly lost altogether, not knowing which direction to turn, wondering what your life purpose is and worst of all, feeling completely powerless to take control, then this is it!

I developed the 8 weekDaring, Divorced & Divine Programme- A Kick Ass Programme to Kick Start Your Life Post-Divorce’ especially for women who are in the process of separating/ divorcing or who have recently separated/divorced. Why?  I developed this Programme because I would have fully embraced a programme such as this, when I was going through my own separation and divorce – at a time when I had truly hit rock bottom.  You can turn things around. It all starts with stepping out of your comfort zone and taking that very first step.

The  ‘Daring, Divorced & Divine Programme- A Kick Ass Programme to Kick Start Your Life Post-Divorce’ is an 8 week, one-on-one Programme where you will work with me via telephone and/or skype sessions.  (It is an extension of and a more comprehensive version of my ‘Absolutely New Beginnings’ Programme.) This is not a pre-recorded Programme or a group programme.  I work with you one-on-one in this Programme. There is a BONUS 60 minute session after the completion of the Programme and there is also a BONUS Workbook which will be available to you at the completion of the Programme.  The Workbook is designed to complement the Programme and to inspire you in consciously creating the life YOU desire – not the life others choose for you!

What does the  ‘Daring, Divorced & Divine Programme- A Kick Ass Programme to Kick Start Your Life Post-Divorce’ cover?  Here’s a glimpse –

Taking Stock – Where are you now? Current successes/challenges.
Surrender & Release – Let go of the old ways/Do it differently.
Hopes & Desire – Let’s dream & get real.
Definitions of Success – What does it mean for you?
Values – Defining your values. Are you in alignment?
Gifts & Talents – Exploring your natural gifts & talents.
Perfectionism & Self Worth – Why striving for perfectionism isn’t serving you.
Priorities – What are your shorter term priorities.
Let’s Get Started on short term goals – Decision making, setting intentions, focusing attention, influencing outcomes and attracting opportunities.
Where is This Coming From Strategies for managing resistance, fear, limiting beliefs and blocks as you reach for your goals – whether its’ concerning health, family, prosperity, career, jobs etc..
Review of successes and challenges so far.
Let’s Get Started on ‘The Painted Picture’ – creating a new masterpiece especially for you – your longer term goals for the next 6-12 months – getting down to the nitty gritty.
Exploring & Overcoming Obstacles which hold you back from achieving your goals.
Developing and Implementing Further Strategies to support you through your journey.
Recap of the Programme and moving forward and future possibilities – because the best FOR YOU is yet to come.





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