“Deep within each of us is a spark of the divine
just waiting to light up a dark space.”
Fred Rogers

Heart- centred programmes I offer are designed to take clients to another level.
Stop second-guessing and doubting yourself.  Be prepared to step away from the
ordinary and be open-minded to what might be possible.

For 2020 and moving into 2021 (due to Covid19) all programmes are being offered virtually by Skype, Zoom or phone.  No face-to-face or small in-person workshops
are currently on offer to ensure everyone’s safety.

As well as coaching sessions, I have been offering several programmes for 5 years.  These are offered one-on-one as well as in small and intimate workshop situations.

I enjoy being able to offer and incorporate elements of these programmes into individual coaching sessions.  This allows me to offer greater diversity and opportunities for
growth and development for my clients.

Above – Small & Intimate Workshops
Life Coaching incorporating The Desire Map

A brief outline of each programme is set out below. 
Please click on the link of the individual
programme for a more detailed description.

These programmes are –
– Daring, Divorced & Divine
– The Desire Map
-The Fire Starter Sessions

Daring, Divorced & Divine – this is my own designed programme which is close to my heart.  I developed this programme in 2014, as I was completing my Life Coaching training.  It draws
on my own experience and the research, I have since conducted on re-building a life after the end of a long term relationship.

   Looking back,  I think I very much had the quote from J K Rowling in my mind when I was considering this programme-
“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

Initially, I think I might have. clung onto this programme for dear life.  I have since
tweaked the programme and loosened my grip on it.  The programme can now relax and flow

Initially, I think I might have clung onto this programme for dear life.  I have since
tweaked the programme and loosened my grip on it.  The programme is now free to relax and flow and elements can be easily used in coaching sessions.   I find this programme can just as readily be used in other situations to that of divorce.  To find out more about this Daring, Divorced & Divine programme click here.

The Desire Map

I became a licensed facilitator of The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, after designing my own coaching programme. The reason I was attracted to this programme was that I could offer
 clients so much more and this programme resonated with me. I can incorporate sessions of the programme into my coaching sessions.  As a facilitator, I began to offer workshops and one-on-one coaching.  

This programme is used to create goals but a little bit different from the conventional way
of goal-setting. The Desire Map focuses on the way you want to feel in goal achieving.  In reality,…..” you’re not chasing the goal, you’re chasing a feeling you hope
reaching the goal will give you.”

The Fire Starter Sessions

The Fire Starter Sessions is another programme of which I am a Licensed Facilitator.  The programme is based on the book by Danielle LaPorte.

For me, this is a fun programme and is great for business owners and/or creatives, but can just as easily be applied to other areas.  I enjoy incorporating sessions in my one-on-one virtual coaching sessions.

This programme is referred to as permission slip you’ve been waiting for – to fully want what you want and go for it, to expand your consciousness and your cash flow, up the ante of your dreams and be incredibly generous with your love.
 To find out more about The Fire Starter Sessions programme click here.


The Heart Centred Programme

A new programme. More information coming soon.






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