What the **** is a Life Enhancement Coach?

A Life Enhancement Coach can support you to take inspired action to reach your goals.   But what’s more, a Coach can also support you in becoming more conscious, mindful and grateful, empowering you in the process.

A Vision

Have you ever had a dream or a vision for your life?   You start to dream big and envisage the way it will unfold. But there is something holding you back?   Maybe you experience a hiccup or minor set-back and you stop dead in your tracks?   Why?  Because you begin to invest in fear………… doubt yourself…………, second guess yourself…………… question your worthiness to have what you desire…… or  you begin to listen to the naysayers.

A Secret

Sometimes, this vision is something so precious to you, that you dare not share it with anyone, for the fear of  it being dismissed or worse still ridiculed.  It then becomes your little secret, tucked away safe from the world.

But what if your dream could be explored, or even better still, have the opportunity to be realised?  

Winds of Change

Sometimes, people engage a Coach, because the winds of change have swept through and their life no longer resembles the one with which they were so familiar.  Change can bring about the greatest challenges and your deepest fears.     This is where a Life Coach, or as I prefer, a Life Enhancement Coach can offer you genuine but objective support.  It means that you don’t have to go it alone.  A Coach can help you charter a course through unfamiliar waters.

What a Life Coach is not…….

A Life Coach is not a Psychotherapist or a Counsellor.  Therapy can often focus on past trauma and issues.  Often  with therapy,  the starting point and focus is on the why.

What a Life Coach is……

When it comes to coaching, the focus is more on the how.  A Coach can support and guide you in moving from your current reality to your desired future reality.  In the process, you clarify goals,  identify and work through any obstacles or sabotage that can hold you back.  These obstacles and sabotage can come in many forms.  Fear, confusion, doubt, limiting beliefs and overwhelm are some prime examples.


Goals don’t necessarily relate to success and achievement in the traditional sense – certainly not as we have come to perceive them in the western world. Sometimes, what you might be reaching for……….. is a sense of greater well-being and a better relationship with yourself.  There is no greater success than self-acceptance and  inner peace.

Or perhaps it is a bad habit or a recurring limiting belief that you choose to work through and overcome. It is all part of becoming the best version of yourself.

As you work on the inner world, the outer world will follow suit.

Do Coaches use coaching services?

Yes, I believe so.  I certainly do.  Friends and family can offer so much support, but sometimes you need more.  This could be objectivity and accountability that those closest to you can’t always offer. As a Coach, has said to me,   “You don’t go to a hardware for milk.”

What can you expect from me, as a Life Enhancement Coach? 

Generally, when it comes to life coaching, I make the following assumptions, based on the work by Cherie Carter Scott, Ph. D, who founded the first coach training programme back in the 1970’s.

  The first assumption is that as a client you have the answers to your challenges. 

The second assumption is that as a client, you possess the personal power to make these answers a reality.

The third assumption is that as a client, you can have your visions, dreams or goals become a reality.

How is a Coaching Session Conducted?

Coaching sessions can be conducted face and face however, many sessions are actually conducted by phone or Skype for example.  There have actually been studies undertaken that concluded that non-face to face coaching is highly effective, if not more effective than face to face coaching.

What should you look for in a Coach?

If you are looking to engage the services of a Coach you are making a commitment to yourself.   There is an awareness that you are now ready to take this step, so finding the right Coach to work with is very important.

A professional Coach will be committed to you as a client.  When it comes to communication, your Coach should ask about your vision or ideal outcome.  Your Coach will ask open ended questions, pick up on clues, recap at least once per session. The Coach will acknowledge when there is confusion and work with you to clarify this. There will be an awareness and understanding of your needs during your session.  Your Coach will be able to empathise with you and will be non-judgemental at all times.  Objectivity will be apparent, yet your Coach will have a genuine interest in you.   You will feel supported, but not directed by your Coach as your Coach will believe in your abilities.  You will leave each coaching session with a plan.

Discovery Session

As a Life Enhancement Coach, I recommend and offer a Discovery Session.  This is an initial  ‘getting to know you’ coaching session.  My Discovery Sessions flow more or less as a regular coaching session, based on the principles as outlined above.

A Discovery Session enables you to, firstly sample a coaching session with me.  Secondly, this session is to determine if we would be a great coaching ‘fit’, which is so important,  should you wish to continue with coaching.    The session allows me to get a feel for how I might best support you and it offers you the opportunity to gain some clarity.

From July, 2017, I have opened up times on Thursdays and Fridays, for Discovery Sessions. Discovery Sessions run for 45 – 60 minutes.  These sessions will be offered via phone or Skype.   For the months of July,  August and September, 2017, the cost is $70.00 AUD. For initial enquiries, please contact me, via email at clare@coaching-i-am.com.  I will then send you a link to book an appointment.


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