Where Are You Now? – Life Design 101 featuring The Desire Map Workshop


“Gratitude is the single most important ingredient
to living a successful fulfilled life.

Jack Canfield

A further sneak peak into a Life Enhancement Coaching/The Desire Map Workshop

Meaning & Connections

The opening/introduction of the workshop and the creating of the altar,  all form part of Block 1 of the Life Design 101 featuring The Desire Map Workshop. This was covered in the previous blog.  In this week’s blog, we take a sneak peak into Block 2 and specifically, Meaning & Connections.

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Having kicked off our shoes in Block 1, we now begin to feel the raw earth beneath our feet, metaphorically speaking, as we move into Meaning and Connections – Block 2.

Meaning and Connections – begins with a brief ‘limbering up’  or ‘warming up’ session to support attendees in tapping a little deeper into their feelings – specifically moving from the head into the heart. 

From warming up to digging deep –  this session will focus on exploring where each of the attendees is – in terms of gratitude and dissatisfaction – in major life areas.

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The 5 key life areas considered, being –

-Livelihood & Lifestyle
-Relationships & Society
-Body & Wellness
_Essence & Spirituality
-Creativity & Learning

This session will involve group work and some solo work in the The Desire Map workbook.  (The workbook is provided to attendees at the beginning of the workshop).    

Photo Credit – Jan Kahanek

 There is no feedback or commentary on anything shared in this session.
Anything shared is to be witnessed only.
There is no critiquing and there is no judgement.

Following the solo work, attendees will return to the group.  There will then be some discussion and sharing. Attendees are encouraged to share with the group, but sharing is optional.

The aim of this segment of the workshop, is to stir up feelings to get clarity about attendees’ desires.  Getting clear on what we don’t want (through working on dissatisfaction) often can assist attendees in knowing what they do want.

There is a strong focus on appreciation, during this workshop segment.

As we discuss appreciation, Clare, as the workshop facilitator, will  also  present an additional segment on gratitude.  This will include how the practice of gratitude can bring about significant positive changes to daily life.  The aim is to support attendees moving on beyond the workshop.

Upon completion of Meaning and Connections, there is a short break before we embark upon Discovery, being Block 3. 

Photo Credit – Alisa Anton

If you have any questions concerning the workshops, I offer, please contact me at clare@coaching-i-am.com.

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Until next time, 

Clare xxx

Clare Lavender is a mother, creative entrepreneur, a mosaic artist, an accredited life coach, and facilitator of workshops on personal development, The Desire Map (by Danielle LaPorte) and mosaics. As well as offering workshops, Clare offers one on one sessions to women.  These are available to women all around the globe.
In addition, Clare has also created her own ‘Daring, Divorced and Divine’ coaching programme for women. This programme is aimed at inspiring, empowering and supporting women to move on to greater well-being following divorce.
Clare has a strong business background, having worked as a PA/EA and Practice Manager.  She is also trained in human resources management.  Clare has worked in several small to medium legal practices in her local area as well as ‘temping’ in larger practices based in Sydney.  Clare assisted in the set-up and management of  (a family business) and one of the first specialist family law practices in the region before moving on to work in a more creative field
Clare is a Reiki practitioner.
If you are interested in any further information, working with me one on one or joining a workshop please contact Clare at clare@coaching-i-am.com or visit coaching-i-am.com.
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