I am pleased to continue to offer Coaching Sessions virtually (Zoom, Skype, or phone) during the Pandemic.

For the first half of 2022 all in-person workshops are on hold due to COVID-19.

Welcome.  I am so glad you found yourself here.

Perhaps you found your way here because you are looking for a coaching session, coaching programme, or, a creative mosaics workshop?

Well, what interesting times we are living in.  So challenging for so many. How has it been for you?

Are you feeling like things you could count on and you held so tightly are unravelling?

So much change on a global level.  Is it proving to be a catalyst for personal change?  You might be thinking If not now, when
But, how do I start?  

Want to develop greater self-confidence after a setback?
Want to find greater calm, balance and purpose?
Want to overcome that pervasive feeling of ‘not-enoughness?
Want to explore your creativity and ‘think outside the box’ more?
Want to change that mindset that’s sabotaging you and holding you back?
Want to live more in the flow and not in resistance?

I have been trained in life coaching (and continue to train and develop) coaching sessions and programmes. These target all of the above specifically.

Who am I?
I am a mother, creative entrepreneur, mosaic enthusiast, certified life coach, reiki practitioner as well as a facilitator of workshops for personal development and mosaics.

I have invested (and relished) 8 years in developing my own unique style and approach which includes toolkits, practices, programmes, and techniques to support the women I teach and coach both one-on-one and in workshops.  (Not only have I invested in all of this, but I have applied it and lived it.)

In coaching sessions and workshops, I take a gentle approach with absolutely no judgment.  I don’t believe that we are here to compete but rather to realise our own potential.   That potential might look very different to what has been expected of you.

Clients are invited to imagine, play, explore, and create anew.  I encourage clients to attend each session understanding that they have the ability to create their own reality but to leave some room for the unknown.  That’s where the magic can begin.

And You?
Are you currently feeling stuck or overwhelmed by the enormity of taking steps forward?  Or, have you suppressed your own desires for so long that you don’t know what it is you need?  

Perhaps, a significant relationship has come to an end and now it’s time to re-programme your life?  Maybe, you have come out of a narcissistic abusive relationship and you are now re-building your life from scratch?

Are you particularly sensitive and so you find that you process and absorb information quite deeply?  Do you like to take a more gentle approach to life?

Are you feeling lost and wish to find your voice?  Is it time to put an end to people-pleasing?

Are you looking to live a more peaceful, and harmonious life but you know that starts from the inside?

 I offer heart-centered coaching and workshops for creativity,
clarity, purpose, direction, meaning, self-expression,
self-acceptance, and goal setting. And, importantly with a touch of
fun and light-heartedness. 

Where would you like to begin?

Coaching Sessions – Click here

Programmes – Click here

Workshops – Click hereIn the Spirit of Abundance Book – Click here

To contact me for enquiries or for more information on booking a session with me, you can complete the contact form below or you can email me at clare@coaching-i-am.com.  
I will generally be in touch within 2 business days.

    I value your privacy and detest spam emails.
    I will not spam you.

    If you have any issues with contact form, or, if you would prefer
    to contact me by email please email clare@coaching-i-am.com


    My daughter who is a designer has done a revamp of my freebie booklet
    ‘Just for you Because……..’
    If you would like to receive a downloadable copy, you can enter details to the right.

    Gift Vouchers are now available for workshops and coaching sessions.


    PS – I am not really a regular on social media but you can find me here on-
    Find me on Instagram: Clare lavender  
    Find me on Facebook: Clare Lavender


    Below – Some past mosaic workshops


    For more details and pictures head to the Mosaics Workshops page. 




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    1. Ann Harris

      Clare has so much valuable knowledge and experience that she shares openly and courageously. Her creative ability with her mosaic workshops is awesome and she happily teaches her skills to help anyone create a masterpiece.


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