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“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation,a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.  Beautiful people do not just happen.”  Elisabeth Kubler-RossClare Bright Framed April 2014

The quote above is one of my favourite quotes by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. I believe that many have encountered  difficulties and many have come out the other side more beautiful than they could have possibly imagined.  It’s nice not to have to encounter difficulties but sometimes it’s the way it is.  If nothing else, it is an enormous opportunity for growth.  Having been blessed with some truly beautiful people in my life, to help me through my difficulties, I realise how fortunate I am .  They have contributed to the person I am today.

clare heroThe person I am today can best  be described as a Mother, Mentor, Life Coach, occasional Mosaic Artist, Workshop Facilitator and a Reiki Practitioner (Certified Level 2).  Becoming a published Author in 2013, with the the release of a compilation book entitled ‘In the Spirit of Abundance’, has been a highlight for me. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to this book alongside such talents as Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen from the hugely successful ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ book series.  My Mentor & Trainer, Sandy Forster as well as Arielle Ford, Author and Publicist who helped launch the careers of Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Neale Donald-Walsch and Mark Victor Hansen also contributed to this book.

I have always had a very deep interest in personal empowerment, with a strong desire to be the Clare London Eye009 picmonkeybest person I can possibly become, although I have stumbled along the way.  Nevertheless,  this passion continues as I actively seek out opportunities to further develop and enhance my skills so that I can assist, support and inspire others to do the same.  This means that I not only continue to grow and develop but that my clients always get the very best from me.  My latest development is my ‘Daring, Divorced & Divine Programme – A Kick Ass Programme to Kick Start Your Life Post Divorce’. This programme which I have developed especially for women is a labour of love.

I have also had a strong desire to make a difference in any way I possibly can. What I enjoy now is working with clients, not only locally within Australia but from overseas as well.  I still find this amazing that technology allows me do this.  I have developed practical and proven methods to improve my client’s circumstances and with their commitment, this then moves them towards greater achievement, stability, inner strength and personal empowerment.  I combine my highly organised and practical skills together with my intuition and ability to think outside the box to make a difference. Tom & Ivan picmonkey

To get to where I find myself today has been quite a journey with a number of twists and turns. I actually started out, working in a mid-sized legal practice, for some time, and then marrying and becoming a mother to  two beautiful children.  I left my employment to help my then husband establish his business and mediation practice. From then on I worked part-time for some time, managing these businesses while I raised  my son and daughter.  

Clare London012

The years I spent raising my children were some of the most rewarding, creative and productive years of my life. (Although, I must say I am gaining a second wind, at the moment). I loved being able to be such a big part of my son and daughter’s early developmental years by being able to work part-time during that time.  I was able to be active in my children’s school classrooms in assisting with reading, maths and drama as well as developing art programmes and facilitating these with a number of students across my children’s school.

During my children’s younger years, I relished decorating and creating the family home.  It was a home filled with light, colour and art and it was also my sanctuary.  (Nowadays, I gain this sense of sanctuary more from a state of inner stillness and peace rather than from anything external).

Kate Victory011 borderWhen weekends came around, my family was able to spend time travelling, exploring and always finding new things of interest.  My family lived close enough to the city of Sydney so that museums, art galleries and beaches could be accessed easily.  Being so close to the beautiful World Heritage listed Blue Mountains  also, meant that my family had this treasure on our back door step and there were always so many areas of interest to discover.  Opportunities for travelling overseas with the children also became available as they became older.  It was always enjoyable to see the world  through a child’s eyes with a sense wonder and from an eagerness for life.

Clare Marnie Debbie

Unfortunately, things change, as they do.  By the time I had reached my mid-forties my seemingly perfect life began to unravel quite rapidly when my own marriage broke down.   Although there had been some tell-tale signs along the way, I was in a state of denial.  It was a completely and utterly devastating time and I felt the rug had just been ripped out from under me.  Within a period of about eighteen months, my marriage was gone as was my home, my job and any sense of security I had once felt certain about. It would take me some time to come to terms with this change and it was quite a journey to find a way for me to live.

Clare and Kids websiteFortunately for me, my two children who were then in their early teenage years, remained living with me and for this I feel so very blessed. For this, I will always be grateful.

I began the task of putting my life back together.  I managed to find part-time work locally for much needed funds.  The healing process began.  I had to find a new way, to find myself, work out where I  fitted in and what my  life purpose was now.   Having commenced study and also drawing more on my art helped me enormously  to retreat when I needed to do so.   These activities also played a part in restoring my self confidence as this was so lacking at this time. I  began to work more on my mindset but I really started to follow my heart, more and more.

The journey I had to take was an inwards one and that is when things really started to shift. What I would discover, much to my amazement, was a tremendous amount of inner strength and courage.  Although my life felt as though it had been stripped back to the most basic at times,  I discovered a rich inner life, beyond a measure and at a depth, I had experienced in the past. I still felt  immense sadness for some time to come which was perfectly natural, as I was grieving for a marriage and family which no longer existed.  Nevertheless, even through this pain, I would come to know myself so much better and in doing so, I would do more for me which was restorative in so many ways.

Much of  the study I was undertaking was focused on the area of energetic healing and this, one way or Clare Thumbs Up Jan 14another, led me to Life Coaching and Mentoring. During my training, I  established such a connection with the clients I coached and received such positive feedback as their lives improved. The improvements that my clients were able to achieve, from following through with action and commitment, was  really an eye opener for me. Whether it was through improved relationships, an improved sense of self-worth or taking a leap of faith and starting to create their wildest dreams, my clients were taking inspired action.  The roles of Coach and Mentor are ones which I feel very comfortable in and I feel I have found my calling to help assist others.   I possess a very calm and serene nature and I believe this puts my clients at complete ease and from this space I can offer my complete support. That does not any way mean that I am not strong, it means that I have a quiet strength.  I care deeply about the clients I work with and I want the very best to come about for them.

clare closeup 180414In developing a business for myself,  I felt very strongly about using the words, ‘I Am’ because they are such powerful words.  Whatever you choose to put after these words says a great deal and sends a  very clear message to the world about how you view yourself. Words are so powerful. I came to realise that the response that is mirrored back to me is greatly influenced by the words I choose.  So I now choose these words very carefully.

Clare Mosaicworks cropped picmonkeyHaving chosen my business name, it was time for my talented graphic design team  at white river design. to design a logo.  I was presented with my beautiful ‘peacock feather’ design.  The peacock feather is said to have been used in healing for tens of thousands of years and was highly sought after by those seeking balance and harmony in their lives. Being symbolic of glory, vision, awakening and refinement, the peacock feather seems perfect for the vision I have for ‘Coaching-I-Am.’ 

Along with my Life Coaching practice, I continue to create the occasional mosaic piece as commissions and facilitate workshops primarily for women and children, wanting to have fun and get creative. No artistic skills are required, just a willingness to let things flow.  I love running these workshops which are rewarding and exhausting.  I enjoy the opportunity to be able to teach and support others in this way. You can see more, if you are interested, at my website at Mosaicworks.

If you want more, you can listen to more about my journey in this Interview and be sure to check out my Blog to read more about my journey.

Here is an article in Niche Networkers – a support group for Coaches-

Do I think life coaching is for everyone? Absolutely, but you do have to be willing and committed to making change.   If you find yourself here, then you are no doubt looking for change.  So invest in yourself.  It truly does start with taking that first step. It can be one hell of a transformational journey.

Clare Let's Get To It April 2014

Please check out my coaching programmes on my Coaching Packages page.

If you would like to book in a sample 30 minute coaching session, I would love to accommodate you, so please email me at to see about a booking.

Please note that Life Coaching is not Counselling or Therapy and should not be considered as a substitute for this assistance.  If you feel you may need this type of assistance, you should contact your local GP or other Health Care Provider.

PS – Please feel free to download the FREE – ‘For You, Just Because….’ Booklet.  This is designed by me as a free gift to you as a downloadable pdf.  If you are needing an instant lift or you have a special friend who could do with a boost, this could do the trick. This is a beautifully designed 5 page Booklet which you can treasure. It brings a huge smile to my face just thinking about it!

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