Daring, Divorced & Divine

There is nothing quite like a major life crisis to turn your life upside down and to call for a complete life re-evaluation. It’s a time where you feel completely and utterly lost altogether, not knowing which direction to turn, perhaps not always finding the friendship and support that you were expecting to help you through.  You can have moments where you wonder what your life purpose is and worst of all, feeling completely powerless to take control.

Why this programme?  I initially developed this as a programme when I completed my life coaching certification and Reiki attunements because I would have fully embraced a programme such as this. This was at a time when my marriage ended and my life seemed to fall apart. It’s easy enough to be told to step out of your comfort zone but when you don’t know even where to start, it can seem impossible.  I would come to learn that growth comes out of discomfort but it’s still a comfort to have someone there to support you along the way.  I realised this support can’t always be offered by those closest to you.

It’s now been some years since my experience.  I survived and I successfully raised 2 children in the process. I developed as a person and gained much wisdom along the way.  I believe that we are here to share our passion and wisdom.  I hope that sharing these gifts may alleviate the hurt and suffering of others during difficult times.

I work with you one-on-one in these sessions as part of my coaching sessions and in 2021, due to Covid 19 all sessions are via Skype, Zoom, (or telephone in Australia)

Below is an outline of the sessions covered as part of this programme.  I appreciate that every person is unique and that some of these areas might not necessarily be required.  Some clients might like to focus a little more intensely on a particular area and there is certainly room to move.  The programme is flexible in that way.

Taking Stock – Where are you now? Obviously, a good place to start. Current successes/challenges.
Surrender & Release – What can you surrender and release at this stage?  To allow in the new, what of the old can be released.  What can you let go of, at this stage?
Hopes & Desire – Hopes and dreams may have changed?  If so, what are your present desires?
Definitions of Success – What does it mean for you?  Transformation can bring about a change in your definitions of success.
Values – Defining your values.  Sometimes in the process of trying to hold onto something, boundaries are crossed and values are compromised. Are you in alignment with your values?
Gifts & Talents – Exploring your natural gifts & talents. Often the things that come easily to us are discounted and simple qualities are overlooked.   Re-building self-worth.
Perfectionism & Self Worth – Why striving for perfectionism might not have been serving you. Letting go of  ‘should-haves’. Building on the previous session on re-building self-worth.
Immediate Priorities – Given current circumstances, what are your immediate priorities and shorter-term priorities.  Starting to work on short-term goals.  Raise your vibration.
Let’s Get Started – Short Term Goals – Decision making, setting intentions, focusing attention, influencing outcomes and attracting opportunities. Exploring tools to support short term goals.
Managing Resistance & Fear – Where Is This Coming From? When you start moving forward what fears or old patterns surface? Strategies for managing resistance, fear, limiting beliefs and blocks as you reach for your goals.
Review of successes and challenges so far – A review to see how far you have come and to explore where you might be stuck at this stage.
Let’s Get Started on ‘The Painted Picture’ – creating a new masterpiece especially for you – your longer-term goals for the next 6-12 months and then beyond.  Visualising where you want to be.  Exploring tools and practises to support you with this step.
Goal-setting while staying present.
Exploring & Overcoming Obstacles If you have faced any challenges or obstacles since the previous session, these can be addressed to get you back on track.
Recap of the Programme and Implementing Further Strategies to support you through your journey, if necessary.  Acknowledge how far you have come, celebrate victories,
address any current challenges. Explore further sessions, if so desired.

Due to COVID for 2020 and 2021 I will not increase my costs for this programme.  The current Pay-As-You-Go Cost $80.00 a session
(as per regular coaching sessions).
Each session is paid at the time of booking).
These sessions can also incorporate other programmes I offer
for a truly unique and individual experience.

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