The Fire Starter Sessions

The Fire Starters Sessions coaching programme based on the book by Danielle LaPorte.  It is  best described as a permission slip – to fully want what you want and go for it and create success on your own terms. 

As a Licensed Facilitator of this coaching programme, I can guide you through this as a stand-alone programme, or incorporate it into my own unique coaching sessions.

For me, this programme is all about the creative and entrepreneurial spirit. I take clients through The Fire Starter Sessions coaching programme working through areas such as comfort zoning, deconstructing fear, dream analysis, easy priorities, freely associating with money, future gratitude, passion, play, purge the past, burning questions and more.

What I enjoy about these sessions is that they don’t have to be all serious and heavy.   There is room for some light-heartedness which allows clients to open up. What can be gained from these sessions is clarity, awareness and alignment with a client’s true path.

All sessions are currently being offered virtually internationally by way of Zoom, Skype, and (phone if in Australia).

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