I will have some mosaic pieces for sale in late 2022/early 2023.
Watch this space.

Heart-centered creative workshops
for clarity, purpose, direction, meaning, self- expression,
self-acceptance, creativity, and goal setting.

Mosaics all began when I dabbled in mosaics as a creative way to entertain my small children.  I discovered that my children delighted in making their own individual and unique garden stepping stones, and from there a grand passion for mosaicing was unleashed.  When my children were older, I enrolled in a mosaics workshop.  From there, I began to make mosaics as gifts for friends and family,  create paid commission pieces, and start with workshops.

For more than 10 years, I have facilitated workshops for adults and children including mothers and sons, mothers and daughters, a daycare centre (kids 2-3 years old making tiles for the centre’s garden) an outreach programme for adults with disabilities and coached a student with her HSC project.

colourful mosaics

Completed Mosaic Pieces from Beginner’s Workshop



Workshop Feedback – here’s just a few testimonials –

“I can thoroughly recommend Mosaicworks’ Mosaic Mandala Workshop, held at The Creative Fringe, Penrith. Our wonderful teacher Clare Lavender, provided excellent step by step instruction which was great for a first-timer like myself. All items were provided. All I needed to do was turn up and have a desire to learn something new and have fun. In addition to the class, I had found out about The Creative Fringe through doing the Mosaic Workshop and was very impressed by the size and setup of the space provided. Definitely worth considering, if you run a small business and need a space to run it from.” Marie Anderson

“Clare Lavender, thank you so much for a wonderful mosaic weekend workshop. The atmosphere you provided and the knowledge you passed on were outstanding……… It’s such a gorgeous atmosphere that you create, and you’re such a generous teacher that you pull everyone together………..Well done Clare, we’re looking forward to the
next one!!” – Anne F – Blue Mountains

“Highly recommend this workshop. Great fun and came away with a unique piece of art and the knowledge to continue creating.” –
Carole H – Blue Mountains

“To Clare, the venue is beautiful like you. The workshop was packed with information and the set up was great. Everything that I needed was here and you put on a great spread also. Your never-ending smile was infectious your patience and skills were bliss. Thank you for the workshop Clare.” Taranga A – Sydney

“Thanks for a great weekend! It was great fun!” Mel. M – Blue Mountains

“What a lovely day! I’ve learned so much. I really look forward to doing more at home. Thank you! No constructive criticism, I’m afraid. No need.” – Sally – Blue Mountains

“5 years ago I attended this fun & amazing mosaic artwork workshop by Clare Lavender.  My outdoor artwork still looks as good as ever beside my pool. – Nadia – Blue Mountains






6 thoughts on “Workshops

    1. coaching-i-am Post author

      Hi Amy,

      Thanks so much for your enquiry about my workshops. I have just held the last of my mosaics workshops for 2019. I am in the process of setting dates and planning more in 2020. As you have subscribed to my newsletter, I will email you some information shortly.

      Warmest regards,

  1. Shirley Sequeira

    Hi having been recently inspired on my trip to New Zealand when i visited the “The Giants House” within the home of the artist Josie Martin it is apparently considered to be a world famous sculpture mosaic garden. Wow what a joy and delight to see! I am excited to investigate the art of Mosaic as a new creative outlet and would like the information that i need to consider enrolling in a course with you. Regards Shirley

    1. coaching-i-am Post author

      Thanks so much Shirley. How wonderful! I usually run weekend mosaic workshops. I can let you know as soon as I have the next one booked in and it will be posted here on the website.

  2. Rennai Pascolini

    Hello there, Do you have any mosaic classes happening in the Blue Mountains for term 4? We have 3 people who are interested.
    Best wishes, Rennai.

    1. coaching-i-am Post author

      Hello Rennai, thanks for your enquiry. Sorry, I don’t have any mosaic classes scheduled this year. I have decided to postpone any workshops for 2020 due to COVID. I will hold a workshop in the first term in 2021. This workshop will most likely be held at The Creative Fringe in Penrith. I will post the event here on my website as well as on social media. I can also email you the details. Best wishes, Clare


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