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“I have to say Clare is one of the most sincere people I have ever met; she has an unbelievable talent of getting the most out of people. Clare has coached me through a 12 week ‘Inspired to Success’ program where she drew out my self-esteem and helped me deal with inner conflicts I had been carrying around. She has been an incredible support to me over the weeks and made me feel and see how much better my life can be. I would recommend Clare to anyone who has something they want to get clarity about or even if they just need some gentle support. Clare will move you forward onto a much better happier stage in your life.”
Maggie H. Sydney, Australia

“With a torrent of major upheavals coming into my life I was feeling all at sea. No longer sure of my direction in life, or even what my goals were, I sought coaching with Clare.   She helped me to calm down, step back and take in the bigger picture. She gently guided me towards identifying exactly what it was I wanted out of life and then set about helping me build a step by step approach to achieving it. Clare has helped me reset my compass so now I know exactly where I’m headed and just how I’m going to get there. The sessions with Clare were relaxing, fun and enjoyable. Clare is a gentle and wise soul and I feel truly blessed to have her guidance.”
Brenda K. Yass, Australia

“Clare has a wonderfully peaceful quality about her.  Between that and her gorgeous, melodious tone of voice, I feel lovingly supported during our sessions together.  I have made many great strides in my life over the six months that I have been a client of Clare’s and I am so very happy and grateful that we have several future sessions booked.  She has really supported me to be the best version of myself possible.”
Allie A.  Milton, New Zealand

Amy art“Coaching sessions with Clare have allowed me to recognise and re-order meaningful personal priorities in my life that I was seeking.  Feeling “burnt out” in my job I realised that I wanted to pursue more quality time with my family and personal pursuits that would bring me pleasure.  I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the coaching sessions with Clare and as a result I was able to be true to myself, see myself in control, and now have the confidence to set out in achieving my goals.  I recommend anyone seeking a positive journey toward self-empowerment and genuine happiness to utilise Coaching-I-Am.  Clare provides the necessary strategies, guidance, and support to make this happen.”
Amy B.  Charlotte Bay, Australia

What women are saying about The Desire Map Workshop:-

“Clare was a thoughtful, engaging, and insightful facilitator.”

“My experience at the workshop was very calming, reassuring, and welcoming.  Clare created a very safe space for the group and was very warm and personable.”

“It was a lovely pampering day physically, spiritually, and emotionally.”

“Clare created an intimate and safe environment for the participants to explore, expand and express ourselves. She gave generously of her time and guidance over the weekend and assisted all of the participants to delve deep within to find our core desired feelings.”

“The workshop was a wonderfully uplifting experience for me and gave me the clarity that I was seeking.”

“Setting was comforting relaxed and safe.”

“Getting to the deeper meaning behind the intention…helps to make it clear and personal.”

“Thank you, Clare for delivering from the heart.”

“It was difficult at times but I left with a sense of clarity and a really strong connection with my Core Desired Feelings.”

And, about my Mosaics’ Workshops –

“I can thoroughly recommend Mosaicworks’ Mosaic Mandala Workshop, held at The Creative Fringe, Penrith. Our wonderful teacher Clare Lavender, provided excellent step-by-step instruction which was great for a first-timer like myself. All items were provided. All I needed to do was turn up and have a desire to learn something new and have fun. In addition to the class, I had found out about The Creative Fringe through doing the Mosaic Workshop and was very impressed by the size and setup of the space provided. Definitely worth considering, if you run a small business and need a space to run it from.”
Marie A – Blue Mountains

“Clare Lavender, thank you so much for a wonderful mosaic weekend workshop. The atmosphere you provided and the knowledge you passed on were outstanding……… It’s such a gorgeous atmosphere that you create, and you’re such a generous teacher that you pull everyone together………..Well done Clare, we’re looking forward to the next one!!”
Anne F – Blue Mountains

“Highly recommend this workshop. Great fun and came away with a unique piece of art and the knowledge to continue creating.” –
Carole H – Blue Mountains

“To Clare, the venue is beautiful like you. The workshop was packed with information and the setup was great. Everything that I needed was here and you put on a great spread also. Your never-ending smile was infectious your patience and skills were bliss. Thank you for the workshop Clare.”
Taranga A – Sydney

“Thanks for a great weekend! It was great fun!”
Mel. M – Blue Mountains

“What a lovely day! I’ve learned so much. I really look forward to doing more at home. Thank you! No constructive criticism, I’m afraid. No need.”
Sally – Blue Mountains

“5 years ago I attended this fun & amazing mosaic artwork workshop by Clare Lavender.  My outdoor artwork still looks as good as ever beside my pool.
Nadia – Blue Mountains

“Thank you for the most enjoyable workshop! Everything about it was wonderful and I love the atmosphere that you create. I do lots of different workshops, and this was definitely the most relaxing and enjoyable. I love my mandala. Thank you for everything Clare.” Linda – Blue Mountains

“Amazing course. Working in a gorgeous, restful, meditative space. Clare’s gentle teaching style and her long expertise make mosaic making a joyful experience.” Debra – Blue Mountains

“Absolutely fantastic workshop. Clare is amazing. So helpful with all aspects of mosaics.”
Sharon – Sydney

“Such a fantastic workshop – what an awesome way to spend the weekend!”

“Thank you Clare for a great weekend. I found the experience relaxing and mindful, plus the teaching is fantastic. I’ll be back again.”




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