The Heart Centred Leadership Programme

The Heart Centered Leadership Programme brings heart centered development work to clients and organizations, businesses and communities.

I am proud to be a trained Leader and Facilitator of this Programme.  I have applied this to my approach to my own life and now I offer coaching to others.

The 7 Core Areas of this Programme are –
-Divine Love
-Loving Kindness

A great introduction to this work is to take part in The Love Letters Session.  This session is great as an introduction but is also an invaluable stand-alone session.

I have opened up monthly bookings to The Love Letters Session for a small group of women from September 2023.  These sessions are conducted online via Zoom so that I can reach women who might be interested in a session.  I am based in Sydney, Australia.

If you are interested in the next The Love Letters Session please click here.  This will take you to The Love Letters Session’ page for more information and bookings.

To find out more about The Heart Centered Leadership Programme, you can contact me at