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The Desire Map for Business


The Desire Map for Business

One of the things I enjoy about being a licensed facilitator of The Desire Map is learning about the ways, other facilitators, from around the world, use The Desire Map.  It seems not only is The Desire Map being used personally, but it is just as practical when used professionally, in business.   It makes perfect sense to me.

So in this week’s blog, I take a look at The Desire Map for business.  

The Desire Map is all about getting clear on how we want to feel?  From that space, we then create our goals and plans.   So,  it’s all about getting back to how we want to feel in our business. What is our why?  

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with
passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”
Maya Angelou

How do I want to feel in my business & Why?

When you start out in business, your why can be pretty clear.  It might be one or more of the following –  freedom to do things your own way,  self-expression,  a means of bringing a product or idea to life, the ability to work from home around your family’s needs, it might be to create greater financial security etc..

As time goes on, and the reality of running a business sets in,  it can be easy to lose sight of your why.  You can be so busy trying to manage the many facets of your business and feeling stretched in so many ways and constantly striving for success.  In all of that striving, accessing how you want to feel can be a challenge. Taking time to step back, take stock of where you are and re-examine how you want to feel can be an opportunity to put you and your business back on course.

In his book, Already Here, Dr. Leo Galland speaks about living in a world where accomplishment rules.  For example…….” what have you done? how far did you go? how high did you go?”  Judgments are made every day based on this criteria.  This approach extends not only to work but to leisure and recreation as well.  This way of living……….being a quantitative approach…….” creates emotional and spiritual poverty”.

So how can you take a different approach?   The Desire Map turns goal setting on its head and asks how do you want to feel and then create goals from that place.

When it comes to your business some of the following questions, can be useful to consider – to take stock of where you are at present-

What are my top 5 current commitments/obligations in my business?

What do I think that I have outgrown in my business?

What goals need to die in order for me to feel the way I want to feel in my business?

What dreams have I let die in my business, that I would like to resurrect?

What do I think is too big for me in my business, for me to ever get it?

What do I think is now beneath me in my business?

My Experience

I have been involved in a family business and in my own small business, for more than 10 years.  I have also been employed in small,  medium and larger businesses, for many years.  So, I have experienced life and business from both perspectives.  

Above – a children’s play area and a safe, warm and welcoming space for women
experiencing divorce.    Me pictured with my young daughter and nephew,
in business/practice co-created by me, in the 1990’s. 

Some of my whys for being in business were….. wanting to work around the needs of my young family, working close to home,  having a workspace custom designed that supported me bringing my children into the workplace, taking time out to be involved in my children’s school, and being able to express myself in different ways within the business. 

And how did I want to feel in the business?
Creative, Innovative, Inspired, Challenged, Fulfilled, Free.

Being self-employed and being involved in this business allowed me the freedom to assist in my children’s classrooms with reading and early numeracy programmes.  I was also able to put together art programmes and facilitate these, with the assistance of my mother, in my children’s primary school. As a creative woman, these activities provided a creative outlet for me.   Of course – there were trade-offs  – which included working late into the night when my children were sleeping and often working weekends – but for me – I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


Art programmes and children’s art in my children’s primary school.



More about The Desire Map

I have been facilitating small and intimate Life Design 101 featuring The Desire Map Workshops now for  3 years, since the licensing programme opened up.  It is not always possible for me to run workshops throughout the year, so I offer one-on-one and group virtual workshops.  This means that you can work with me, online, from wherever you are in the world – all that is required is an internet connection.

If you would like an outline of Level 1 and Level 2 of my Life Design Workshops featuring The Desire Map, whether for business or personally, you can find out more in the link below.


Until next time,
Clare xxx