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The Desire Map is a tool for holistic living. It puts your core desired feelings at the heart of your goal setting and life planning,” Danielle LaPorte.

The Book

The Desire Map, the book, is having a great impact.  “40,000 copies shipped within the first month. 500+ book clubs formed internationally. The Facebook group hit 20,000 and the stories started to roll in… Stories of quitting jobs, dumping the chump, starting businesses (or closing them down). Stories of soul relief and soul energy. Real life transformation.” Danielle LaPorte.

It’s Time

It’s time to Desire map because, in the words of Danielle LaPorte….”we have the procedures of achievement upside down.  We go after the stuff we want to have and accomplish outside of ourselves, and we hope and pray that we’ll feel great when we get there.  It’s backwards.  And it’s burning us out.

Focus on Internal Experiences

The Desire Map turns that whole premise around and works on getting the internal experience right and more in tune.  Once you know what you want the internal experience to be like i.e when you know how you want to feel, you focus on the feelings.  Once you discover your core desired feelings then the external experiences, which you truly desire, will come into play.  The external world will begin to reflect your internal world. This becomes your experience.  It’s just how it works.

The Workshops

As reported by Danielle and her team in a recent email, “Every weekend, somewhere in the world, a Desire Map Workshop happens. It’s hard to convey how amazing that is to the team and me. I just shake my head with the expression of, “Can you believe it? Awesome, right?!” So awesome.”

As a Licensee and Facilitator of The Desire Map Workshops in Australia I would agree that this is an awesome accomplishment .  I find facilitating these workshops is also an awesome experience.  Although it’s only early days, as the launch of these workshops took place in early 2015, there seems to be a great deal of appeal and attraction to The Desire Map work and workshops.  I have seen it for myself from my own workshops but also by observing the workshops being facilitated by other The Desire Map facilitators around the globe.

Who Is Attracted?

From my own experience, I would suggest that women of all ages are attracted to this work.  From the in-person workshops, the women attending are those who are early into their careers as well as those women with well established careers.  There are those women in relatively new intimate relationships and those who have been in very long term relationships.  The workshops appeal to mums with young families as well as mums with teenage children.  Then there are the ageless goddesses who attend ready to embrace life and experience life at its’ fullest, no matter their age.   The work has also piqued the interest of men.


The feedback from workshop attendees has that the work is making a difference.  Women are taking action based on their core desired feelings, things are shifting and opportunities are presenting themselves.  Priorities are changing.  Women are seeking more.

As for the workshop itself, I had one woman describe it as it being ……”a lovely pampering day physically, spiritually and emotionally” and another provide feedback as follows …….”you provided us with such a warm and inviting space to share, explore and create new thinking.”

If you would like any further information on The Desire Map or workshops please visit Coaching-I-Am. com.  If workshops are not for you and you would like to experience this work one-on-one via phone/skype please contact Clare at coach@coaching-i-am.com.

Clare Lavender is a Mother, Creative Entrepreneur, Mentor, Accredited Life Coach and Mosaic Artist. She is the Director of Coaching-I-Am. Clare lives in Sydney, Australia. For further information you can visit www.coaching-i-am.com or email Clare at coach@coaching-i-am.com. You can write to Clare C/- Coaching-I-Am, PO Box 123, Blaxland NSW 2774.







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